Financial Investment Industry

In the financial investment industry, Top One has achieved outstanding results in direct investment and consulting.

As the agent of many European investment fund institutions, Top One has made great profits by reinvesting, repackaging and reintegrating to enhance the value of its assets. Its family office accumulates wealth through six business areas: pre-IPO investments, private equity funds, fixed income, mezzanine investments, alternative investments, and cryptocurrencies.

Real Estate Industry

In the real estate industry, Top One focuses on the development, investment and management of quality property.

The Group's Weifeng Real Estate and Hengfeng Real Estate focus on the development of high-quality real estate products. The products cover villas, city apartments, holiday apartments, serviced apartments and other residences. It also involves the development and construction of hotels and integrated projects. The property sales figure ranks at the top in the industry over the years. Hengyun Group started in Hong Kong. It was the first foreign investment real estate company entering the mainland China and has become a professional large-scale property developer over there. Its development footprint covers all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Southeast Asia.

Luxury Goods Industry

In the luxury goods industry, Top One is the largest luxury goods retailer in the Far East and has expanded to e-commerce business.

Top One is an agent of a full range of products of well-known global brands, including clothing, cosmetics, luxury perfumery, accessories, diamonds and high-ended watches and jewelry. Large duty-free chain stores are opened in world cities such as Paris, Italy, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Retail Industry

In the retail industry, Top One sells a wide range of international brand-name products through duty-free shops and one-stop accessories specialty stores.

FASCINEZ accessories chain store is a brand-new business model under Ho Hon Brothers Holdings Ltd. FASCINEZ is a combined chain store currently selling worldwide jewelry brands, including Kenzo, GL Paris, Misaki and Paul & Joe.